Our Home Work Policyour main Home Work Policy

This policy is a statement of the aims, principles and strategies for the issuing of homework.

We consider that homework can support the child's learning, foster the vital links between home and school, enable parents to have knowledge of the work being done during the school day and ensure that teachers and parents work together to promote self -discipline and good working habits.

This policy will ensure consistency of approach throughout the school.

Homework is set by teachers for the benefit of the pupils and requires the co-operation and involvement of parents. Homework is an important part of school policy; its nature will change with pupils' progress through school.

Homework will be produced using the high standards of presentation expected during class work. Homework is set to raise standards achieved by children.

The needs of the individual pupil will be taken into account.

Purposes of Homework

Specifically this means that

In support of this policy, parents should

The pupils will

Evaluation and Review