General Rules

General Rules of the School

We have given below, some rules and regulations pertaining to the school for general guidance of the parents. For detailed rules and clarifications you are requested to contact the management. We will always welcome your ideas for progress of the school.

1. Students are required to come to the school 10 minutes before each school session. Late-comers will not be allowed to attend the school. In special circumstances permission for attending the school should be taken from the Principal by late coming students.
2. Every student must bring school diary daily to the school and parents should take a note of any comments appended in it by the school. Parents too, may send their comments to the school through this diary.
3. Students must observe personal hygiene and always be neatly dressed. School uniform must be worn at all times inside the school campus and also at all functions/programmes/occasions sponsored/managed by the school.
4. All boys (except Sikhs) must wear their hair short. Girls must tie their hair neatly with white ribbon or a white hair band.
5. Students will not be allowed to leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to meet their children, pick them up, or interview teachers during school hours.
6. Unless there is some emergency or a matter of serious importance, early departure of the students from the school is not allowed.
7. All correspondence/complaints/suggestions should be directly addressed to the Principal. If the communication is regarding a student, please write his/her name and class invariably.
8. In case of absence from the school, student must bring an application stating the reason for his/her absence duly signed by his/her parents. If a student is absent for more than a week without any information, his/her name is liable to be struck off.
9. Any kind of damage to the school property must be paid for.
10. Magazines, papers or books other than those prescribed must not be brought to the school.
11. Students are responsible for safety of their books and other belongings. Wearing jewellery is strictly forbidden. Parents are advised not to give their children valuable articles like expensive watches or mobile phones. The school will not be responsible for the goods lost by students.
12. Parents are welcome for making general enquiry over the telephone during school hours or at the most an hour before and after the school timings. Children should not be allowed to make a call to the school. It would save time at both ends. Parents are advised not to make phone calls at residence lines of any staff member.
13. If a student fails for two consecutive years in a particular class, he/she will be rusticated from the school.
14. Students resorting to unfair means during a test/exam. will not be awarded any marks in the relevant subject. Repetition of the same may result in expulsion from the school.
15. Students having infectious/contagious diseases, fever, vomiting, dysentery and lice must not be sent to the school as their presence is harmful for other students. Such students, if they come to the school, would be sent back to their homes.
16. Tiffin boxes and other eating material if any, should be sent with children only. As a security measure we do not accept such items directly during school hours.
17. Any vehicle other than bicycles, like automobiles of any kind including scooters, mopeds, motorcycles, cars brought by students shall not be permitted to enter into the school premises.
18. Because of their young age, we try to hand over Pre Primary students to their respective auto drivers or the persons normally coming to pick them up. In case, a new person comes to pick up a student, he should be duly authorised by parents. Parents should make arrangements to pick their wards at the earliest possible if any of the auto rickshaws does not turn up.
19. Parents are advised to check the school bags of children on daily basis to ensure that they bring books/notebooks strictly as per time table only. This would reduce unnecessary burden on the children.
20. Only mother, father or legal guardian of the students may meet the School Management/teachers on Parent Teachers Meetings or on any other prescribed days/hours for noting the progress of their wards.
21. Students will be allotted sections in their respective classes as per administrative policy of the school. Once allotted sections may be changed by the management only.
22. Lending or borrowing of money or other articles from fellow students or school staff is not allowed.
23. Students are not allowed to use the school telephone without the permission of the School Office. They will not be called to answer the phone calls.
24.The school does not permit to celebrate birthdays and exchange of gifts in the school campus. Parents are allowed to send only toffees for the class.
25. Students are advised to keep their class room/ school buildings/ campus/ surroundings as neat as possible and throw all leftovers into the dustbins only.
26. It is expected that the juniors are treated with love and affection while the juniors show all respect to their seniors.
27. Parents are not allowed to go directly to classes and also, to meet teachers except during specified meeting hours.
28. The progress report with remarks from the class teacher will be given to the students after every exam. They should be seen and signed by the parents and returned to the respective class teacher on the next day.
29. Students upto 5th class can come to school in colour dress on their Birthdays.
30. Students ought to bring their ID cards daily.
31. Parents are advised to provide their wattsapp number in school for regular update.