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A school does not consist of brick and mortar building only, but underlying ideology really builds a "school". Proper facilities in a school campus assist in providing an environment conducive for building future super citizens.

We at Vindhyachal® Academy, strive to provide the best possible facilities to students. We define "best" in slightly different way from the prevailing norm.

ISO 9001:2000 teaches us to work under certain set guidelines and all design and development at Vindhyachal® Academy is done, keeping in mind following aspects.

  • 6 acres (24281 sq m)
  • 4650 sq m
  • 15000 sq m
  • 3
  • Table tennis, Carrom board, Chess, Badminton etc
  • Basket ball, Foot ball, Volley ball, Kho-kho, Kabaddi , Cricket, Hand ball, etc
  • 950 sq feet, ~4000 books, ~20 periodicals, 3 dailies

Class Rooms are areas where students spend most of their school time. Hence, care is taken to make them pleasant learning environments. Rooms are airy and there is abundance of natural light. Utmost attention is paid to neatness and tidiness of the school campus. In fact, each and every member of the Vindhyachal family contributes towards it.

Learning at Vindhyachal Academy is facilitated by constant teacher student interaction at individual level and participation of students in various activities to promote deeper understanding of the world around. Students are encouraged to participate in class discussions, which at times happen at group level and at times, individually, where each student gets chance to propagate his/her ideas.

(C)lass (R)oom (S)ofware is being developed in-house at Vindhyachal Academy for Pre- Primary sections. 2nd and onwards classes are imparted education through Smart Class Technology. The purpose is three-fold value addition in classroom teaching.

Ultra Class Rooms are being developed to implement CRS effectively. There is a large screen LCD TV with computer connectivity in each such room. Already all classes of the Pre-primary section have been upgraded.

Vindhyachal Academy has laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Junior Science, Mathematics, Language and Computer Science in its campus. Students use these facilities regularly to further develop their understanding of the subjects. Teachers assist students in their learning endeavors in these labs.

We put in our dedicated efforts to ensure that equipments in the labs should be well maintained and upgraded.